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Red Earth No2
Red Earth No2
The Shadowlands
The Magic Circle
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Allan Stephenson Paintings
I am always looking for and attempting to communicate with the viewer that special sense of place that infuses some areas of the natural world with meaning, wonder and beauty. I hope my work can provide some escape from the sometime frantic world we all live in.
Museum Art School-Portland.(1976-78 Sculpture, painting, graphic design).Oregon School Of Arts and Crafts (1979. Etching Process).1968-1986 Illustrator and graphic designer. Since 1986 printmaking and painting.
Selected Commissions/collections:
The Arlington Club-Portland.
Bonneville Power Adm.
Bank of California-Portland.
Blue Cross Blue Shield-Portland.
The Collection of Mr. Bruce Willis.
The Centennial Bank-Eugene.
Central Oregon Community College-Bend.
The Eugene Country Club.
First Interstate Bank-Portland.
Kaiser Permanente-Portland.
The Knight Library at The University of Oregon in Eugene.
The Law Library at The University of Oregon in Eugene.
The Collection of Senator Mark Hatfield.
Metropolitan Life Insurance -New York City.
Oregon Health Sciences University of Oregon in Portland
Paine Webber
Red Lion Inns. Portland.
Safeco Insurance
U.S. Bank.
The Valley Library at Oregon State University
Virginia Mason Hospital Seattle
Westin Hotel-Seattle.
West One Bank
Weyerhauser Corp
Willamette Industries
Disney Shades Of Green Hotel-Orlando Fla.
Disney Northwest Lodge-Orlando-Florida.
Pronghorn Development.Bend.Or
Single Exhibitions:
Westover Gallery, Portland 1989
Gango Gallery, Portland 1991,1994,1996
Hatfield Gallery, Portland 1997
Mockingbird Gallery, Bend. 1997
First Avenue Gallery-Portland 1998
Maryhill Museum Of Art, Washington 1998
Group Exhibitions:
Eleventh Oregon Printmakers Show 1987
Northwest Regional Print Biennial 1989
Oregon 2D, Salem-Or. Art Association. 1989
The Artquake Visual Arts Gallery, Portland.Or. 1992
Maveety Gallery, Salishan Or. 1992
Beaverton Arts Commission Showcase 1994 (First place award)
Oregon State Fair 1996 (Second Place Award)
Hatfield Gallery. Portland. Or. 1997
Lawrence Gallery- Sheridan.Or. 1997
Sunbird Gallery- Bend Or. 1999
Kimzey Miller Gallery -Seattle.Wa. 1999
Jan Wilson Gallery- Ketchum, Idaho -Dec 1999
Margo Jacobsen Gallery- Portland. Or. January 2001
Lawrence Gallery 2002
Art Of the Land-Bennett Gallery Knoxville TN. 2004
Artist's Statement:
I am a traditionalist. I don't see the art I produce as breaking any kind of new ground but rather I apply myself to existing techniques and forms and attempt to inject perhaps fresh content. I have in the past enjoyed the medium of pastel for it's direct hands on quality that allowed me to blend and sculpt the pigment using my fingers and hands rather than the intermediary of a brush. Lately I have been wanting to work larger and for that oil is the preferred medium .
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