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Paris Peacock
Regent Skipper
Adonis Blue
Little Yellow
Black Checkerspot
Mexican Eighty-eight
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Alison Moore Applied Art
My artwork is influenced by an interest in craft materials and the qualities of felt as a material as it shows a depth of texture, colour and creates strong bold outlines.
I studied The History of Art and Architecture at The University of Manchester 1995 - 1998.
Group Exhibitions:
Art in Marylebone, 17 19 October 2008
Artist's Statement:
Inspiration is taken from 19th century butterfly collections and the uniformed placement of the butterflies pinned down together to form part of a natural history record. Forgetting the pins and the real butterflies this work hand cut from a rich felt substitutes the beautiful shapes and colours of the butterflies while still giving an impression of a three dimensional object.The work plays with vivid colours and different shapes some simple and some more complex to show a collection of plain butterflies and their more exotic companions.
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