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Dove Cote
Still Life
Good Night 2
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Alexander Ivanov Paintings
Alexander Ivanov (1950 -1996)Alexander Ivanov was born St. Petersburg in 1950. At age 16, Ivanov received a classical training at the Leningrad Art & Graphic School. It was influences of Chagall and his love of jazz that began to reflect in his work and cause problems with his tutors.Given the political climate of Russia at the time, Social Realism was the only accepted form of art. Unable to live with the repression of his individuality, Ivanov left the art school in 1972, and joined a geological expedition to the north of Russia. There, he became absorbed with the folk art. He adopted forms of Russian icons and a traditional woodwork technique (Lubek) which can be seen in his work ever since.It was about this time that Russian artists were beginning to organize clandestine exhibitions in private apartments. This drew Ivanov back to Leningrad where he joined such a group. His first personal exhibition in 1977 opened and closed the same day, victim of official repression. In this period of great artistic activity for him, an almost specific style of expression emerged, led by Chemaikin and Genadiev, of which Ivanov was one of the leading lights.He spent much time making musical instruments, ocarinas in the shape of birds that are now exhibited in the St.Petersburg Museum Of Musical Instruments. Musical instruments and players figure consistently in his art work.At the start of the “perestroika” he was invited to exhibit in Germany, Holland and England; later, in galleries in America and Japan. He is now widely exhibited throughout the world. In 1996 Ivanov died in a tragic accident, a fire in his studio in St. Petersburg.
Demidov Art & Graphic Scool, St-Petersburg,Russia
Artist's Statement:
Alexander Ivanov’s limited edition linocuts are a unique fusion of an etching process on textured linoleum (rather than a metal plate treated with acid) and precision hand-coloring with vibrant inks only available in Russia.
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