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Acadia National Park Light House
Romantic Venice
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Alex Perez Paintings
Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1946, Perez is a fourth generation of artists. After graduating from the ‘Academy of Fine Arts’ in Santiago, he worked in his father's studio - the Ibero-Chilean painter Eduardo Perez - where he acquired most of his artistic knowledge and skill. On his father’s side, Alex Perez is the fourth generation of artists trained in fields ranging from painting to architecture. His Spanish ancestors restored murals and frescos in the ancient cathedrals of 18th century Spain. Perez inherited his love for music from his mother's family, of which came the Philharmonic Conductor Victor Tevah. The inspiration Perez derives from music is reflected in the rhythmic lines and colors of his paintings. Perez’s work fuses a sophisticated color sensibility with a romantic realism approach, and he expresses his own passion and "joie de vivre" by recording Nature on the canvas. His color technique imbibes the shifting of light as day progresses from dawn to dusk and back again, the vividness of colors breathing life and vitality in to the canvas. His extraordinary landscapes reflect a peaceful and harmonious ambience, as a means of transporting the viewer to a serene and contemplative visual experience. Perez uses numerous techniques to create oils, acrylics, watercolors, drawings, engravings, prints and murals. His fine art also includes works of stained glass and sculpture in stone. Perez is one of the leading World Impressionists. Perez’s art has been exhibited all over the world, and his works are included in private and public collections in Israel, the United States, Europe, South America and Japan.
BA, Art, Santiago Bellas Artes School
Single Exhibitions:
1972 - Group, 12 Etchers of Israel. Leeds England
1972 - Group, The Kibutz Etchers. Tokio Japan
1972 - One man show, Rothchild Gallery. Haifa Israel
1973 - One man show Memorial House, Ramat Yohanan Israel
1975 - Two Artists, Diukan Gallery. Tel Aviv Israel
1976 - Retrospective, Ramat Yohanan Israel
1977 - Two Artists, Roughton Galleries. Dallas, U.S.A.
1979 - Internacional Art Fair, Bazel Swizerland
1984 - One man show , Yurek Gallery. Ramat Hasharon Israel
1986 - One man show, Yad Lebanim House. Rishon Letzion Israel
1986 - One man show, Inauguration of his new Estudio. Israel
1986 - Two Landscape painters, Gvanim Gallery. Rehobot Israel
1987 - One man show, Zerubabel Haviv House. Rishon Letzion Israel
1989 - Represent Israel in The IX Art International Bienale in Valparaiso Chile
1991 - Participation in the First Internacional Fair of Art in Rishon Letzion. Israel
1992 - One man show, Wildeshausen Gallery. Germany
1992 - Internacional Art Fair. Oldenburg Germany
1993 - Exhibition "The Artistic Engraving" The Artist House in Rishon Letzion Israel
1993 - Los Angeles - ArtExpo International. U.S.A.
1994 - The New York - ArtExpo International. U.S.A.
1994 - Participation in The Art-Focus International in Israel. R.Letzion. Israel
1994 - Participation in the Wine Events Exhibicion in the Yekev of Rishon Letzion Israel
1995 - One man show –" The Beauty of the Myth ", Artists House in R. Letzion Israel
1996 - The New York ArtExpo. U.S.A.
1997 - The New York ArtExpo- Miami ArtExpo- Los Angeles ArtExpo U.S.A.
1998 - The New York ArtExpo U.S.A.
1999 - The New York ArtExpo U.S.A.
2000 - The New York ArtExpo “ Milenium “ U.S.A
2000 - The Las Vegas ArtExpo U.S.A
2001 - The New York ArtExpo U.S.A
2002 - The New York ArtExpo U.S.A
2002 - "The Blending of two Cultures" Chilean - Israeli Artists The Embassy of Chile in Israel
2003 - The New York ArtExpo U.S.A
Artist's Statement:
"The success of a realistic painting does not depends on a mere copy of a subject, but by expressing through a painting the soul,the honest personal interpretation, the own taste and the intimate vision of the artist. The development of an artist takes many years of experience, culture and hard work to reach a point where the artist comes to an artistic maturity and craftsmanship through which his art is understandable and appreciated." Alex Perez 2008
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