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Camberwell Grove
Thames view
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Alex Chamberlin Paintings
I like to begin the portrait process with an initial, consultation only, meeting in which the ideas of both parties regarding style and composition are discussed and agreed. Following this meeting, a minimum of three sittings is usually required. The first of these will be for the further development of ideas, preliminary drawings and photographs. Subsequent sittings are for the development of the painting and finishing touches. The subject should allow approximately two hours per visit for each sitting, which can be carried out in the sitter's home.
1995 - 1998 Army officer, The Light Dragoons. Germany 1991 - 1995 Fine Art, BA Hons Newcastle University
2003 Awarded best painting prize in the annual Chelsea Art Society competition
Painting sold at Lighthouse Auction, Christies, London
Elected to the Art Happens committee, part of the Art Fund

2001 Artist in residence (teaching) Seville August – September
Painting sold in take home a nude, Christies, New York

2000 Featured in Wallpaper Magazine
Short-listed for Villiers David Prize

1998 First Prize in The Royal Institute of Oil Painters
Selected Commissions/collections:
Terry Allen Kramer
Lord Rawlinson
Gavin Rankin
Jan Marie von Giebelhasuen
Major Charles Whitaker
Stephen Moss CBE
Cliveden House
Kate Winstanley
Single Exhibitions:
2003 Carlyle Gallery, London
2001 Collins and Hastie, London
2000 Bartley Drey Gallery, London
Group Exhibitions:
2003 Whistler exhibition at Carlyle Gallery
Summer show at Collins and Hastie
Lighthouse auction at Christies
Spring show at Thompson’s gallery, Stow on the Wold

2002 Royal institute of oil painters
Group winter show at Carlyle Gallery
Mixed exhibition. Collins and Hastie
2001 Group winter exhibition at Carlyle Gallery
Group winter exhibition at Collins and Hastie
Mixed Autumn show at Ainscough Fine Art
Mixed Summer show at Bartley Drey Gallery
Chelsea Art Society
Christies Group Auction, New York

2000 Group exhibition at Bartley Drey Gallery, London
Royal society of British painters
Chelsea art society
Leighton House
Short listed for Villiers David Travel scholarship

1999 Chelsea Art society
Thomas’s school Battersea

1998 First Prize Royal Institute of Oil Painters
Everard read Gallery, South Africa (mixed)

1995 –1998 Army officer, the light Dragoons. Germany
1991 –1995 Fine Art, BA Hons Newcastle University
Hatton Gallery show. 2 two man long gallery shows
Cadogan contemporary gallery summer show (London)
Artist's Statement:
With his work, Alex Chamberlin tries to capture the middle ground between a portrait and a life study, and the intimacy that can arrive from that moment. He intends to allow the viewer to become familiar with the subject. Unlike straight studies, his paintings relate to the individual on a personal level. His way of working has come about via a number of influences. He admires the work of J.W Waterhouse and his ability to capture a fleeting moment in a style only afforded by photography. He also respects the linear quality of Egon Schieles’ work and the structured brushstrokes of John Singer Sargent. He is currently working towards another one-man show for spring next year, at Collins and Hastie, Park Walk.
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