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Aktrice Paintings
I like to use the elaborate oil-painting technique - now almost forgotten - of the Old Masters, in an unmistakable combination of abstract compositions, in mixed media worked with a wide variety of materials. I call my newly-developed technique "Simultan Art", since the various objects (cups, plates, vases, etc.) project half-way out of the picture and are completed optically by realistic painting on the flat surface.
1997 Training in a private art school run by Manfred Aichholzer, professional painter and graphic artist in Poertschach/Woerthersee1999 Seminar for fresco-work Gmuend, with Professor Ernesto Marchesini from Treviso - Italy1999 and 2000 Course in icon-painting with matt and gloss gilding, with Erich Aichholzer in Stall-Charinthia2000 Internet gallery set up2001 Extension of studio and gallery in Raeuflach / Obervellach2002 "Simultan Art" pictures developed2003 Illustrations for a CD-ROM and a book on the High Tauern National Park Water School 2003 - admitted as a member of the IG BILDENDE KUNST (Artists' Union) in Vienna, and holder of an IAA (International Art Association) membership card. 2004 pupil of Michael Fuchs, and am "studying" Max Doerner's standard work on painting material and technique, and Lienhard Pallast's oilpainting in old technique [Oil painting in the ancient technique] (art-edition neuer Realismus). 2004 Masterclass for tecnique of the Old Masters with Michael Fuchs in Friesach / Carinthia 2004 since summer 2004 I painting with Prof. Ernst Fuchs in a chapel in Klagenfurt / Austria 2005 - admitted as a member of the Society for Art of Imagination - London
Single Exhibitions:
1997 BV-Galerie Klagenfurt - Interspar

1997 Obervellach

1999 Volksbank Spittal/Dr.

2000 St. Poelten

2001 Hermagor

2001 KUSS Wolfsberg

2001 Spittal Stadtsaal

2001 Krumpendorf Kursaal

2001 Spittal

2001 Villach Cafe Q3

2002 Lienz

2002 Cafe Karner Klagenfurt

2002 Castle Rothenthurn

2002 Castle Trabuschgen

2002 GH Schwarzenberger

2003 Autohaus Gruber Spittal/Dr.

2003 KUSS Wolfsberg

2004 Gemeindezentrum in Winklern

2006 the picture "It is done" in the Church Mallnitz

2006 Cafe Gabriel in Spittal /Drau

2007 Kneipp Klagenfurt
Group Exhibitions:
2001 Spittal - Gerngross

2002 Spittal - Gerngross

2003 Galerie dé Brétter Tresdorf

2004 IG Bildende Kunst Vienna

2004 Galerie dé Brétter Tresdorf

2004 Hotel Alpenhof/Obervellach

2005 "Spur des Einhorns" in Friesach Charinthia

2005 Hotel Alpenhof/Obervellach

2006 HR Giger Museum and Art Gallery St. Germaine Castle (Society for Art of Imagination)

2006 Firma Lora

2006 Kunsthaus Galerie Rondula - Osttirol

2007 Mattersburg
Artist's Statement:
One of my basic principles is that " my works are also to be enjoyed "My starting-point, like that of many artists, is the love of colours, together with symbolism and the human body. I have enormous admiration for the great masters - Rembrandt, Rubens, Leonardo da Vinci, Titian,. then Monet, Mucha, Klimt, Dali,.... to mention only a few. An academic title has no importance. Monet, for instance, was self-taught, like a number of other great painters. For me, the main thing is the love of painting, and I simply have to let out all that is simmering inside me! " painting is a vocation - not a profession "
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